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The Red Dwarf and Bottom link

Ok then, as I am also a fan of Bottom, here are some things that I have noticed, that the two programmes have in common. (RD and Bottom)...

- Robert Llewellyn, who plays Kryten in Red Dwarf has also starred in Bottom (the episode called parade) as the man with the wooden leg.

- Paul Bradley (Nigel from Eastenders), has been in Red Dwarf (series 1) as Chen, and also Bottom ('Burglary') as a burglar.

- Lee Cornes who plays the landlord 'Dick Head' in Bottom, has also been in Red Dwarf (series 2 - Confidence and Paranoia) as Paranoia!

- Both Red Dwarf and Bottom have been produced and shown on BBC2 by Ed Bye.

- Mark Williams has also starred in both Red Dwarf and Bottom - in Bottom in the Episode 'Accident', and in Red Dwarf (series 1) as Olaf Peterson

If anyone can think of any more factors that link the two shows - and I'm sure someone can -, then please e-mail me them and I'll add 'em to the list.

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