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Well, As you may have already guessed from the suggestive title, this is the News page. And at the moment, there is quite a lot of news on the Red Dwarf front, but having said that, I've already just about covered it all on the 'Episode guide' page. Nevertheless, I will repeat myself here, and give you even more detail than before. So here we go.


All episodes from series 1 to 6, are to be Remastered, just like the starwars films were, with new special effects. And the finished products are looking very good indeed. Already screened on Feb 13, episode 1, 'The End' was exellent after the remastering took place, and it looks as though the other episodes to follow will also be good, with not just new effects, but other goodies such as even a new ship in places. These episodes will all appear on video in due course.


'Red Dwarf VIII' is definatly being made, and will have a regular cast of the following people: Craig Charles, Robert Llewellen, Danny John-Jules, Chris Barrie, Chloe Annett and Norman Lovett as Holly. The new series will be appearing on television in 1999.


Dispite various different rumers, the word is that there WILL be a Red Dwarf film, due for release sometime soon after the year 2000. Again, dispite rumers, it will star all the regular cast from the series, as opposed to hollywood film stars because otherwise it just "wouldn't be Red Dwarf"!


Red Dwarf has recently reached its tenth aniversary, and to celebrate there was a special 'Red Dwarf night' on television, which was a two and half hour special, which included 'Can't Smeg Won't Smeg', a special Red Dwarf version of 'Can't Cook Won't Cook', 'Smeg up's', which is some of the funniest mistakes made by the cast whilst filming episodes, 'Universe challenge' a special Red Dwarf version of 'University Challenge' (see my picture page), 'A-Z of Red Dwarf', a guide to the program, and the classic episode from series six, 'Gunmen of the apocolypse'.

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